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FireHostRedux is seeking to expand our community, whether it's sponsoring other Steam communities, partnering with other communities, sharing the latest information of what technology is available, helping server hosts with hardware and/or software related issues, providing tips and tricks to better use the modern technology we have today, welcoming content producers, reviewing games and websites, giving recommendations on services, or whether it's simply inviting everyone out to a game night and buying pizza or coffee; we've got it all right here! Our social media groups are operated 24/7 by administrators standing by, making sure the establishments are maintained as clean and friendly as they can possibly be. We are also working on our own game projects in the background, all while still keeping our various social medias active!

Our Goal


You will find that our relative pages are open to discuss any topic our members wish to bring up. We operate Team Fortress 2 and Minecraft game servers where everyone is welcome to play. Sometimes we'll even play other Steam games and host events. All for free! For life! Our forums and Discord server are both maintained and operators will always be standing by willing to take part in discussions, shoutbox conversations, media sharing, and having a great time in any way possible! With several artists, YouTubers, developers, programmers, and other amazing content creators on the team; you are sure to find yourself enjoying a visit to our community pages. So what are you waiting for? Come participate today!

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